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The Box is an installation created by Tia Bennett, Lily Tieu Phung Diep, Isabel Peñaranda Gaviria.


Description: Motion triggered video (using an ultrasonic sensor + arduino to control Touch Designer) placed inside a box, illuminated with LED's and a custom soundscape.


This piece plays with the viewer’s curiosity, and asks them to stick their head inside a small space on the floor. Somewhat uncomfortable and awkward, the box is meant to see how far people will go to interact with a piece. From the outside, the box's simple shape encourages interaction with the bright lights and sound emitting from the hole. Inside, the sound and visuals are amplified to heighten the senses and 'overwhelm' the viewer.


The video inside the box shows floating heads, coiling in and out. We chose to show faces for the content to make the viewer more aware of their face (or their head) as it is placed in a small, mysterious place.

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