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 Hi I'm Lily. 

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I am a multimedia designer and seeker of all things creative. My expertise spans various mediums including illustrations, graphic designs, animations, video editing, and art direction. Accumulating over 3 years of professional experience in video editing and graphic design as a freelancer, I’ve collaborated with diverse clients on projects ranging from posters and case studies to media kits, brand style guides, social media posts, and videos. Notable works include designing case studies for Schedulock, infographics for Alpha Medical, and a tote bag logo for California Lutheran University. As of 2023 I am a contracted graphic designer at WritersBlok working with clients such as Renae Ingles, Alix Strauss, Daniella Etienne and more to create designs that convey and innovate client brands and identity.

In the realm of video editing, I’ve lent my skills to a spectrum of ventures from editing TEDx Talk videos for Talk Boutique, landing page videos for Make Fit Happen, a Facebook ad for Dawn King, and Energize Your Voice, and an event recap video for TangerinexToronto Raptors. Additionally, my portfolio boasts YouTube video editing and thumbnail design for Thought-Leader LLC, led by Taylor Conroy, along with editing online course videos for various clients, including Thought-Leader LLC, Energize Your Voice, and TEDx Talk speaker, Embodied Soul Coach, Jacia Kornwise. I had the opportunity to work on the independent short film “CRANE” with Zesty Nobody as the production designer. In 2023 it was selected and screened at the Toronto Youth Shorts and the Breakthroughs Film Festival where it won the Audience Choice Award. 

My academic journey culminated in a BFA from Toronto Metropolitan University in Image Arts Film Studies and Integrated Digital Arts in 2020, complimented by a Design for Arts and Entertainment Certificate. Born in Vietnam and raised in Toronto, my creative passion stems from my desire to combine my identity as a zero-generation immigrant, and my inner thoughts as an introvert to share my voice and perspective with the world.


Beyond freelancing, I am an avid artist, indulging in experimental video art and installations. Notably, my thesis installation piece Dissimulō was showcased at Toronto Metropolitan University’s FCAD Window on Yonge St. from April to September 2020. By applying creative techniques in projection technology, design, and fabrication, I created Dissimulō with a friend to offer contemporary commentary on societal expectations and the masks we wear to conform.  Looking ahead, I’m excited to collaborate with Zesty Nobody on an immersive media exhibition for the short film “CRANE,” enriching viewers’ experience with interactive elements, allowing viewers to explore the characters’ world through a new lens.


By exploring themes of introversion and escapism, my art connects film and fine arts, blending digital and analog art techniques to create immersive experiences. From sculpture and woodwork to graphic design, illustration, video editing, art direction, and photography, I relish in experimentation and self-expression, inviting viewers to interact with my creations.  Outside of my artistic pursuits, I am an all-around nerd for gaming, anime, manga, and embracing creativity in all forms.

Contact Me

For art commissions, collaborations or any needs for illustration, graphic design, video editing or animation you can reach out via email at or if you would like a more casual approach you can contact me on Instagram @lily_tpd.

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