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Assignment 1 Proposal


Lily Tieu Phung Diep

MPI 603: Tech II

April 4th, 2019

Assignment 1: Proposal

After deciding on an idea with my group for project 2 and 3, I came to the conclusion that I can’t seem to incorporate Red Giant Trap Code into project 2. I originally wanted to learn Trap Code and incorporate it into project 2 and 3 by making a particle system, but as my group brainstormed we decided on a different idea. Because of this, I am going to change my idea for assignment 1. Instead of exploring Trapcode for assignment 1, I will be exploring Wix, as a tool to create websites. I haven’t made a website before, so I will be gaining new knowledge. Wix is an online website building tool, that helps build html5 website and mobile website. The website offers over 100 templates for users to choose from to build their websites off of, and gives them the option to build the sites on their own without a template. Using Wix I will be making a website in a format of a portfolio and resume. Its main goal will be to showcase some of my works in film, animation, coding, photography, illustration and design, and art direction. It will also include a way to contact me, and biography for readers to know what kind of artist I am.

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